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Productivity is complex! It’s not a single skill, or even a single tool or system. True productivity requires a complex set of systems, tools, strategies, and behaviors that must all work together to support you—like Gears in a Machine. If you want to have the kind of productivity that creates Freedom and Fulfillment from Getting the Right Things Done more Easily and Efficiently with more time and energy for the things that matter most to you, those proverbial “Gears in the Productivity Machine” need to be solid and working together. If any one element is less than solid, your productivity suffers greatly — as do you and the things you care about most!

I developed this quiz to create a more targeted approach to masterful productivity after working with thousands of people like you who were ready to take control of their days and create more freedom and fulfillment. It’s a shortcut to bridging the distance between where you are now, and where you want to be by identifying your productivity strengths, your individual challenges, and giving you a personalized plan for improvement so that you can Have More Success NOW!

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Hi, I'm Lynne

I get it! I really do. As a woman with ADD, I’ve been there myself and I’ve come out the other side. I’ve lived in a constant state of chaos, overwhelm and underperformance, and I’ve created a life with more success, fulfillment and freedom than I once dreamed possible. It’s my passion to help others, and I know you can share the same success!

As a Productivity & ADHD Coach for more than 15 years, I’ve helped thousands of people just like you break the chains of procrastination and overwhelm and finally perform at the level of their abilities, consistently! 

I’m excited to offer you this insight into the Pillars of Productivity©, and help you uncover or discover the pillars that are currently supporting you, and where to focus your efforts to help you show up like you really intend.

Here’s the thing…

Effective time management isn’t a single skill, it’s a complex set of tools, behaviors and systems that need to work together for us to be efficient and effective in our productivity. And, here’s a common misconception that might be getting in your way…

It’s NOT about Doing More, 
It’s all about Doing The Right Things more consistently, and more Easily!

My clients tend to struggle with time management and effective productivity because of their challenges with memory, organization, focus, motivation, and time. And, when we don’t have the right systems, tools and behaviors in place to support us, those challenges can make us feel like we’re constantly putting out fires and playing catch-up, instead of living the peaceful, fulfilling lives we know we’re capable of.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that what you need to put in place to manage your time well is all stuff you can learn! There’s nothing wrong with your character, your work ethic, or who you are, deep down.

You’re not lazy or weak or undisciplined.

You don’t need to pull up your proverbial big girl panties and knuckle down. You don’t need more self-discipline, and

You don’t Need to Work Harder!

You Need to Learn to do things differently.

You need to learn to do things in ways that work for YOU!

With the right systems, tools and behaviors set up to work FOR YOU, it’s very doable! I’ve lived it myself and I’ve seen my clients do it every single day for more than 17 years.

To help you get to the root of what gets in the way of your productivity and follow through, I’ve developed a quick Online Productivity Assessment to identify your productivity type and give you a customized plan so that you can stop struggling, take control of your time and your life, and show up like the incredible person you really are more easily and more consistently!